Muralist, Arts Educator and Digital Media

‚ÄčFor the past twenty years visual artist Michelle Obregon has been bringing people together to celebrate their community through the arts. Michelle has been an arts educator for over 30 years, encouraging young people to find their voice through the arts using both digital media and fine art applications. 

Michelle began as a painter but has embraced the new graphic technologies, and is now a participating instructor for PBS Hawaii Hik No which broadcasts student stories.

Working with local organizations in both California and Hawaii, Michelle believes that the arts can enrich and heal, 
creating public murals that visualized peace, a healthy environment and the dreams of our children.
Michelle is the founder of the Kona Aloha Mural Project, KAMP, which is dedicated to providing meaningful art experiences  to both children and adults. Her  past mural projects have varied in size and scope, but the underlying theme of all  her murals is the message of caring for the planet for future generations and respecting one another.  She hopes that these murals will promote  dialogue that will produce sound management for our natural resources and a world where we value one another. 

If you are interested in a mural project for a business, home or organization please contact Michelle Obregon at


"I strongly believe we are all stewards and students of this planet. It is my intention as an artist to communicate our connection to nature and each other"