Interactive Wave Warrior Mural: Konawaena HS Pool      2017

​Visit the pool and take a selfie!

DREAM, Col. Ellison Onizuka Mural Commencement Speech:

Konawaena High School 2017


Celebrating our Diverse Community

Kaulana Nā ‘Ano Kaiāulu Like ‘Ole



After two years of planning, designing, painting and firing, volunteers installed a 20ft x 9ft  tile mural at the Holualoa Elementary School campus. This collaboration of over 200 students, teachers and volunteers to produce the ceramic tile mural for Holualoa elementary was funded by the Holualoa foundation whose original founders were Daniel Yoshida and Iris Cantor. The foundations vision for the mural  was to celebrate and reflect the culture of the community in addition to capturing the imagination of a child.  
  The mural illustrates  colorful confetti fluttering around a parade of taiko drummers, hula dancers, paniolos and children picking up candy through the town of Holualoa. Birds, a pig, a donkey and cat are also depicted in the mural along with an oversized hawk in an orchard of coffee trees. The hawk is the mascot of Holualoa Elementary school. A green and blue balloon is also painted floating in the sky in memory of the two Holualoa elementary school boys who tragically lost their lives during the production of the mural.

    Students from Konawaena HS and the students of Holualoa elementary  glazed over 800 tiles. High School students from Konawaena mentored  4th and 5th grade students to help them paint their original designs of Hawaiian flowers on the tiles which was used for the border.  The mural was conceptualized, designed and glazed by Michelle Obregon and her art students. The mural was installed by Craig Fuller ( teacher at Konawaena Highh School) and Brad Chung Hoon. The tiles were fired by arts instructor Chris Pascual. Special thanks to  Claudia Brown (retired Holualoa Elementary teacher)  and Glenn Gray( Holualoa Elementary School Principal).

Self, Family and Community are the anchors for the community peace mural.

1001 Origami Crane Peace Mural 

    2016 - 2018     Kealakekua, Hawaii


Goal: To create 1001 ceramic tiles with images of origami cranes and messages of good will. The finished mural will be a reminder to promote peace and respect . 

April 2016 youth started painting their individual tiles with messages of good will. One of the three main murals was installed in May of 2016. In the fall of 2016 the public will be invited to paint tiles to add to the mural.

If you would like to participate in this event or help with donations please contact me at