Keeping the Peace: Honoka'a High School

The mural uses the metaphor of farming to depict the idea of planting seeds and creating roots for our future. In keeping the history and traditions of the Waipio Valley, a fatherly figure is centrally depicted, demonstrating to the youth how to grow taro. The fatherly figure not only symbolizes a strong leader, but the ancestors of the Hawaii Islands, teaching us how to take care of the land. A Hawaiian Crow is also illustrated on the lower right side of the mural. Currently the Hawaiian crow is endangered, and as a community we must “Keep the Faith” for its species to survive for future generations. Also depicted are Ipu’s, symbolizing the music and poetry of the Hawaiian Islands.
The mural was created to celebrate the life of the Wesley Batalona, who tragically lost his life in Iraq. Wesley was a man who cared about youth, played the guitar and enjoyed talking story with young people. Wesley also cared about world peace. In keeping with the idea of world peace, in the background, letters are camouflaged into the hills, spelling the word PEACEType your paragraph here.

Michelle Obregon



The Hale Halewai Mural project was started during winter break 2003. The mural is entitled Birds of Paradise and was designed and supervised by Michelle Obregon, an instructor at Konawaena High. The mural was funded by Healing Our Island Community Grant with the assistance of Family Support services of West Hawaii. The mural celebrates the beauty of Hawaii's endemic and introduced species of birds, highlighting the endangered Nene and Hawaiian Crow. During winter break, students from Konawaena High School and Kealekehe Intermediate School helped with the mural, along with adults from Kona Kraft and the Community Federal Credit Union. The community mural provided local youth an opportunity to work with an artist, learning how to paint an outdoor mural and to participate in a beautification project

Never Again  Konawaena Elementary School Mural     2013
Making of the mural video at Vimeo

This was a joint project with Konawaena Elementary School. and Konawaena High School in Kealekekua Hawaii. This is a five panel mural painted on board, and was completed in May 2013.
The mural depicts children getting ready for school in the morning, including parents drroping their kids off. Butterflies are painted throughout the mural symbolizing how education and a nurturing environment transforms the keiki of Hawaii. While painting the mural the tragedy at Sandy Hook happened. The entire country was shaken by this horific event. We wanted to show our Aloha in Hawaii to the families of the twenty-six victims who lost their lives.Included in the mural are twenty flowers symbolizing the children, and six bees for the teachers..Never Again ! The mural also has a camouflaged  message painted into the 

flowers .


2001 Wizard of Oz

Serennia Elementary School

2000 Vintage Elementary School, North Hills

2000 Don't be a Butthead,

anti tobacco mural, James Monre HS

1999 Bear Facts, Roscoe Blvd, freeway underpass, North Hills

1999 Golden Way, El Oro Elementary, Chatsworth
1998 Don't Wish for the Stars, El Oro Elementary, Chatsworth

1996 Cut it Out

Panel mural, collaboration with California State University Northridge
1995 Underwater Fantasy

 Nordhoff freeway underpass

1994 The Three Sisters

 Salvation Army Bld, downtown Los Angeles

Big Island of Hawaii Murals

2016  Celebrating Our Diverse Community,

Tile MuralHolualoa Elementary School

2015  Konawaena High School History Mural

Living History Museum at Konawaena HS

2014  Never Again: Honoring family and victims of Sandy Hook

Konawaena Elementary School

2010 UpMauka

Konawaena High School

2009 "Staying the course" ceramic mural, Kealekehe High School, Kailua-Kona

2009 "Ho'oula" mural, Konawaena High School, Career Center

2008 It’s a Honu World Project: Kailua Kona

2007 Kailua Kona Pier Beautification Project

2007 Bridging the Pacific, tile mural, Konawaena High School

2006 Honu

Hale Halewai, Kailua Kona

2005 Keeping the Faith

tile mural, Honoka’a Middle School

2003 Birds of Paradise

Hale Halewai, Kailua Kona